eBook vs Paper 2

Hi Peeps,

To continue with my earlier post on why I am now shifting my preference more toward eBooks rather than paper, I would like to cover some of the more technical aspects from eBooks that I love.

1. Fonts and Lighting

Having some of my works published in paper base in Indonesia, it is frustrating to hear comments about the appearance of your book that might not suit some of your readers. Of course we cannot make everybody happy. But it is always heartbreaking to hear comments such as the font are too small, too large, the font is better be this and not that, the paper is better being that way and not this, and so on. The worst thing is, there is nothing you can do about it.

With eBook, the readers can actually choose all that. The font type, the size, the background, even the lighting. Whichever suits your eyes better.

2. Dictionaries and Global Search

Having English as the second language, there are always words that I don’t know the meaning or unsure of. With eBooks, dictionaries are just a click away. No more bulky paperbased dictionary you need to carry on top of the book you are reading. Should you wish to do more search on the related word, you can easily access Full Definition and do more search on Google which is also a click away.

3. Table of Contents

There are times when I need to look back at earlier chapter. This often happens when I am reading non-fiction, instructional guide kind of book. Even when reading fiction, sometimes I feel the need to look back at earlier chapters to ensure that I fully understand the story. Table of Contents that can bring me straight to the beginning of the chapter that I want, definitely helps in navigating through the book.

There are several more features that I like, but lets save them for later 😉

2 thoughts on “eBook vs Paper 2

  1. Merry P S says:

    Totally agreed Bon 😄, little bit annoying the readers commented about the font type and size. The most important of a book is the content. How the author delivered many words into a story.

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