eBooks vs Paper

Hi Peeps,

After a long while of wanting to have and write blogs, finally, I manage to post this. Mind you, I am still a virgin in doing this, so please bear with me :).

If you see some of my Projects in the Home page, you probably already know that I am currently preparing some of my works to be published as eBooks in Kindle. eBook readers community is a growing community in Indonesia, and it is for some very obvious reasons. Don’t get me wrong, I still love old fashion paper based book. But after knowing eBook, my preference has started to shift. These are why:

1. eBooks are Cheaper
Compared to its paper base, eBooks are much cheaper. Often they are priced more than 50% lower, and on promotion days some eBooks are being offered for Free. We do like cheap and free stuffs, right?

2. eBooks are Easier and Faster to obtain
Living in Jakarta, I know for a fact that it is difficult to find books that I really want. I remember I went to Singapore for a day only to shop for some, well, Ok, a suite case, of fantasy books that I like and couldn’t find in Jakarta’s book shop. It is no longer the case with eBooks. I can find any books I want and get them right away. No worries with traffic, and also an often long queue in the shop.

3. eBooks are easily accessible
At first, I thought to read eBooks, you would need to have an eBook reader. Something more to add to my list of gadgets. But then I found out that eBook can be accessed perfectly fine through Android and Ios’s aps. Kindle is available on Ios and Android, and it is all I used. No additional gadgets to what I already have, just maximizing the use of them.

4. eBooks take up less space and more portable
This is kind a obvious. Hundreds of eBooks can fit in my iPad and iPhone. Yes, you can synchronize the two. You no longer have to carry bulky books to read. Not to mention storing it. Those paper base books do take up lots of spaces, gather dusts, and inviting termites.

5. eBooks save Trees
Well, once in a while is nice to do things outside of your own selfish reason. And this is mine 🙂

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